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Scientific-research activities, as the fundamental activities of the Faculty, began immediately after its establishment. Over the last 52 years scientists from FESB have actively participated as heads or associates in hundreds of scientific subjects or projects. Currently, they are heads of about thirty Ministry of Science, Education and Sports scientific research projects , as well as of several technological and information projects. Collaboration with numerous national and international institutions regarding academic activities has been established. Consequently, the results of these scientific activities have been presented in about 350 scientific papers in journals indexed in Current Contents, 430 papers in other journals and 1500 papers in proceedings. Therefore, FESB is ranked among the top faculties in scientific production in its specific fields. So far, 104 Master’s theses and 66 Doctoral dissertations have been defended.

As far as international cooperation is concerened the first cooperation with foreign scientific institution NASA in CAD technology was established in 1975 through a two-year programme and since then cooperation with foreign scientific and educational institutions has been constantly growing. Many Faculty employees were engaged or are still active in numerous projects and have been visiting professors and researchers at international universities and institutes. Scientists of FESB collaborated or were heads of numerous international and bilateral projects such as the Croatian-Slovenian, Croatian-French, FP6 Marie Curie as well as: COST, ALIS STATES, CEEPUS, CMS and ALICE at CERN, EGEE II, MAGIC and several TEMPUS projects.

Research Report 2010-2011 (PDF)