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Scientific Projects under Ministry of Science, Education and Sport

 Project Name  Project Leader
Development of advanced algorithms for modelling electromagnetic phenomena Slavko Vujević
Measurements in EMC and EM health effects research Antonio Šarolić
Numerical Modelling of Power System by Finite Element Technique Rino Lucić
Modeling of the Human Body and Radiation Sources: Environmental and Health Aspec Dragan Poljak
Modeling and Environmental Aspects of ELF Electromagnetic Fields Nikša Kovač
Fatigue strength of materials and structures Željko Domazet
Inverse procedures and advanced algorithms in dynamics of structures and machine Željan Lozina
Warping and distortion of thin-walled sections Radoslav Pavazza
Intelligent and Evolutionary Algorithms in Materials and Structures Optimization Damir Vučina
Passive fuel cells with oxygen supply from air by natural convection Frano Barbir
New aspect of solar chimney power plant optimization Sandro Nižetić
Advanced heterogeneous network technologies Dinko Begušić
ICT Systems and Services Based on Information Integration Nikola Rožić
Improvement of properties and manufacturing processes of aluminium alloys Igor Duplančić
Technologically-organizational optimizing of competence cell Ivica Veža
AgISEco -Agent-based intelligent environmental monitoring and protection systems Darko Stipaničev
Biomechanics of human movement, control and rehabilitation Vlasta Zanchi
Propagation factors in radio networks planning Zoran Blažević
Power system expansion and operation with large scale integration of wind power Ranko Goić
On-line synchronous generator parameters identification Božo Terzić
Accurate and fast matrix algorithms and applications Ivan Slapničar
Development of components life assessment procedures Damir Jelaska
High speed machining research Dražen Bajić
Novel Solar Radiation Models with Application in PV Generation of Electricity Ivan Zulim
Search for the Higgs boson and new physics with the CMS detector Ivica Puljak
Electrochem. proces. at phase bound. and physical proper. of surface-ELGRAFAIII Jagoda Radošević