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Scientific project: On-line synchronous generator parameters identification

Project code  023-0361621-1611

Project name  On-line synchronous generator parameters identification

Senior researcher  Božo Terzić

Institution of employment University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering a...

Program name Advanced control and estimation techiques in power engineeging and transport

Scientific area technical science

Peer review group Computer Science

Summary On-line identification of the electric machine parameters, which appeared in literature fifteen years ago, is based on modern measurement and signal processing technology and has still been researched today. On-line identification of the synchronous generator parameters is very attractive because it does not require interruption of normal operation of the generator and obtained parameters correspond to the actual operating condition. The proposed project is a continuation of the research on development of a new method for on-line identification of the synchronous hydrogenerator parameters. That method was proposed and theoretically verified during the preceding investigations. The first measurement results obtained under real operating conditions of the hydroelectric power plant (HPP) verify theoretical expectations. For final verification of the proposed method further experimental and theoretical researches are needed. The experimental researches are planned to be performed at the laboratory and in the HPP Peruća. The theoretical researches are going to be directed toward comparative application analysis of different estimation algorithms. In that way the main goal of researches is planned to be realized. That goal is the development of a coherent identification procedure to determine the synchronous generator parameters, based both on measurement of the generator variables and the selected estimation models and algorithms. The identification procedure is based on the assumption that the generator parameters estimation under real operating conditions should be performed gradually. After verification of the proposed identification method, dependence of parameters on generator operating point would be investigated. The developed identification system would be used as a tool for determination of the characteristics those define dependence of the relevant generator parameters upon operating point (especially due to saturation). In order to obtain more accurate data for the generator transient stability assessment, the influence of the operating point on the transient reactance, and procedures for the on-line identification of the block-transformer and equivalent network reactance, will be studied. Working on the development of the system for on-line measurement of the generator power angle is also planned. Both procedures are base for further development and improvement of the monitoring, protection and control systems of synchronous generators.

Key words |synchronous generator|parameters,on-line identification,estimation,saturation,mathematical model

Contract from 2.1.2007

Croatian scientific bibliography http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?sif_proj=023-0361621-1611&print=true&lang=EN

Address for communication
 Name and surname Božo Terzić
 Street and no. Elemova 5, 21312, Podstrana
 E-mail bterzic@fesb.hr
 Web address www.fesb.hr
Project assistants 
  Name and Surname  Status
Ozren Bego Researcher
Marin Despalatović Scientific novice
Martin Jadrić Researcher
Danijel Jolevski Researcher
Goran Majić Scientific novice
Goran Petrović Scientific novice
Božo Terzić Project leader