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Scientific project: Novel Solar Radiation Models with Application in PV Generation of Electricity

Project code  023-0982886-1612

Project name Novel Solar Radiation Models with Application in PV Generation of Electricity

Senior researcher Ivan Zulim

Institution of employment University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering a...

Program name Advanced materials and applications for the conversion and storage of energy

Scientific area technical science

Peer review group Computer Science

Summary The proposed project is a continuation of the scientific research in Solar Laboratory undertaken on previous projects 023052-"Energy flow in passive and active solar systems“ and 0023004-"Devices and systems for photovoltaic conversion of solar energy“ (senior researcher I. Zulim). The research will be taken in three main directions: solar radiation measurements, photovoltaic modules testing and research of defects in amorphous silicon. Studies have shown that for reliable estimation 30-year solar radiation data sets are required. Further, it is very useful to know not only global horizontal radiation, but also the amount of each solar radiation component: beam, diffuse and reflected. One of the goals of this project is to establish reliable solar radiation measurements and to investigate the applicability of so-called multipyranometer measurement concept. Conventional instruments for measuring beam and diffuse solar radiation are pretty expensive and because of the existence of moving parts also require regular maintenance. That makes them inconvenient for wider applications, especially in the regions where necessary daily maintenance cannot be performed. The proposed solution is a measurement with four differently oriented pyranometers from whose outputs it is possible to derive the components using one of many available models. Widely accepted anisotropic models of second generation (Perez, Muneer) will be specially investigated and verified for this climatic area. The second subject of the research will be the testing of photovoltaic (PV) modules in real operating conditions and will be done in collaboration with PV module factories Solar Cells from Split and Solaris from Novigrad. It is known that the performance of the photovoltaic module is strongly affected by various climatic conditions (irradiance, temperature, solar radiation spectrum) at the site of application and it therefore very hard to predict from data supplied by manufacturers which refer to Standard Testing Conditions. The influence of each parameter on the performance of amorphous and crystalline silicon PV modules will be investigated, as well as the degradation of the modules after the longer field exposure. Achieved results will be very useful for design of stand-alone PV systems. Finally, in collaboration with Ruđer Bošković Institute the research of the amorphous silicon will be continued in order to find a way for improve efficiency of a-Si:H solar cells.

Key words |solar radiation components|multipyranometer array,outdoor testing,photovoltaic systems,amorphous silicon,solar radiation model

Contract from 2.1.2007

Croatian scientific bibliography http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?sif_proj=023-0982886-1612&print=true&lang=EN

Address for communication
 Name and surname Ivan Zulim
 Street and no. Put gornjih vrata 45, 21218, Seget Donji
 E-mail zulim@fesb.hr
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Project assistants 
  Name and Surname  Status
Tihomir Betti Scientific novice
Spomenka Bovan Researcher
Maja Čić Scientific novice
Mirjana Grbac Researcher
Ivan Marasović Scientific novice
Ivan Zulim Project leader