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Scientific project: Modeling of the Human Body and Radiation Sources: Environmental and Health Aspec

Project code  023-0231582-1585

Project name  Modeling of the Human Body and Radiation Sources: Environmental and Health Aspec

Senior researcher Dragan Poljak

Institution of employment University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering a...

Program name Environmental EMC and Impact of Radiation on Human Health

Scientific area technical science

Peer review group Computer Science

Summary The objective of the Project is to develop novel and efficient simulation tools that will predict the electromagnetic energy absorption in the human body irradiated by artificially and naturally generated HF (high frequency) EM sources. The proposed computational approach is based on the finite element and boundary element solutions, which is more accurate than simplified widely used finite difference approach and will provide a better understanding of the phenomenon. The artificial HF sources can be GSM mobile phones, UMTS handsets or base station antennas, while the natural cause of radiation is lightning. Importance will be given not only to an accurate modeling of the human body but also to the sophisticated representation of artificial sources (antenna systems, transmission lines) and natural sources (lightning channel) irradiating the body. The analysis of human exposure to EM fields involves EM-thermal modelling of the body and modeling/measuring of EM sources and related propagation path. Once the EM fields in the body models are determined the results will be compared to relevant national and international safety limits. Establishing a clear intensity-dose-effects will provide a basis to review current guidelines and exposure limits. As the principal biological effect of HF radiation is dominantly thermal in nature, the hazardous EM field levels will be quantified analyzing the thermal response of the human body. An important question that will be investigated by the project is the impact of radiation on active implants inside the body, i.e. accurate simulations will enable significant improvements to the immunity of such devices. The results of the EM-thermal modeling, opposite to the undesired heating of tissue caused by HF exposures, will be useful in the study of hyperthermia (increase of biological tissues temperature for cancer therapy purposes) and laser radiation (for eye surgery purposes). The proposed project will also deal with an analysis of lightning protection systems (LPS), i.e. lightning rods and grounding systems which principal task is to ensure the safety of personel and prevent damages of installations and equipment. Furthermore, the project will deal with efficient optimisation procedures for antenna and LPS design ensuring the quality of the service, as well as the safety standards and protection measures. The main drive is to develop an accurate tool not only to assess the hazard to human health of new technologies but also

Key words |Electromagnetic compatibility|Human Body,Biological effects,Field sources,Numerical methods,Optimisation

Contract from 2.1.2007

Croatian scientific bibliography http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?sif_proj=023-0231582-1585&print=true&lang=EN

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 Name and surname Dragan Poljak
 Street and no. FESB, Ruđera Boškovića bb, 21000, Split
 E-mail dpoljak@fesb.hr
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Project assistants 
  Name and Surname  Status
Siniša Antonijević Scientific novice
Damir Čavka Scientific novice
Vicko Dorić Scientific novice
Branislav Jajac Researcher
Nikša Kovač Researcher
Dragan Poljak Project leader
Ivana Zulim Scientific novice