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Scientific project: Inverse procedures and advanced algorithms in dynamics of structures and machine

Project code  023-0231744-1747

Project name  Inverse procedures and advanced algorithms in dynamics of structures and machine

Senior researcher Željan Lozina

Institution of employment University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering a...

Program name Modelling and Optimisation of new materials and structures

Scientific area technical science

Peer review group Mechanical Engineering;Shipbuilding;Traffic Technology and Transportation;Aeronautics and Space Technology

Summary The inverse procedures in engineering dynamics involved in system identification, damage detection and model calibration are highly nonlinear. New advances in bionics e.g. Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks encourage their application in nonlinear field where versatile and robust procedures are required. The developed methods, algorithms and procedures will enhance inverse procedures in system identification, model validation and damage detection and contribute there accuracy, stability and reliability. It is assumed that application of the advanced bionics based algorithms in inverse tasks in dynamic analysis of structures and machines can lead to the reliable tools for a) system identification b) model validation c) and damage detection. It is expected that at the end of the project bionics based algorithms will be developed and implemented for model validation and calibration as well as algorithms for damage detection. The development of the algorithms will be performed using numerical simulation of mechanical models. The developed algorithms and procedures will be tested on a number of the physical mechanical models using measured data.

Key words |numerical and experimental modal analysis|procedures of model calibration and validation,damage detection,inverse analysis

Contract from 2.1.2007

Croatian scientific bibliography http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?sif_proj=023-0231744-1747&print=true&lang=EN

Address for communication
 Name and surname Željan Lozina
 Street and no. R.Boškovića bb, 21000, Split
 E-mail zeljan.lozina@fesb.hr
 Web address  www.fesb.hr/~lozina
Project assistants 
  Name and Surname  Status
Vedrana Cvitanić Researcher
Vjekoslav Damić Researcher
Željko Domazet Researcher
Željan Lozina Project leader
Damir Sedlar Scientific novice
Marija Šiško Kuliš Researcher
Ivan Tomac Scientific novice
Damir Vučina Researcher