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Scientific project: ICT Systems and Services Based on Information Integration

Project code  023-0231924-1661

Project name  ICT Systems and Services Based on Information Integration

Senior researcher  Nikola Rožić

Institution of employment University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering a...

Program name Integrative ICT Technologies

Scientific area technical science

Peer review group Computer Science

Summary Research proposed for this project is the extension of the research on previous project in direction of the new FP7 EU program in the ICT area, where the importance of technology integration including personal and home systems and services as well as overall intelligent infrastructure of everyday living is emphasized. This project will emphasize special attention on ICT systems and services based on integration of information and technology as a foundation for increase in their reliability and adaptability to user needs and preferences. This research proposal is also based on long term strategic guidelines for research in Croatia, published by Ministry of science and sports in the beginning of 2006, where ICT area is considered as top 5 priorities. Research goal starts from the assumption that there is positive influence of reliable, user customized ICT systems and services on the efficiency of work, productivity and income increase, concurrency in the world market and general quality of life and user satisfaction. Research results expected for each work packet in this project are: 1. high reliability systems and services based on integration of information and technology with applications in forecasting, planning and decisioning in the ICT area, 2. systems and services for surveillance, localization, resource management and quality of service (QoS) which operate reliable even in conditions of impairments, malfunctions and emergency situations, 3. open systems for reliable speech recognition with possibility of implementation in different systems and services, 4. systems and services based on multimedia and virtual reality 5. efficient and reliable method for space-time turbo coding in MIMO-OFDM wirelss communication systems. Results will be verified by simulations and experimental systems, by publishing and presentations on scientific meetings, in magazines, by prototype development, pilot projects and patent applications on national and European level. Due to growing requests for quality, proposed research and achived research results are of fundamental importance for development of reliable communication and information systems and services which become new standards in the ICT area, as one of the basis of development and welfare.

Key words |communication and information technologies|ICT services,speech recognition,coding,IP communications,Internet

Contract from 2.1.2007

Croatian scientific bibliography http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?sif_proj=023-0231924-1661&print=true&lang=EN

Address for communication
 Name and surname Nikola Rožić
 Street and no. V. Paraća 34, 21000, Split
 E-mail rozic@fesb.hr
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Project assistants 
  Name and Surname  Status
Luki Biličić Researcher
Juraj Buzolić Researcher
Hrvoje Dujmić Researcher
Stipe Marinović Researcher
Joško Radić Scientific novice
Ante Restović Researcher
Nikola Rožić Project leader
Mladen Russo Scientific novice
Matko Šarić Scientific novice
Petar Šolić Scientific novice