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facts and figures


FESB is one of the largest faculties of the University of Split and the largest technical faculty outside of Zagreb. 151 out of over 243 full-time employees are involved in the teaching process: 39 full professors, 21 associate professors, 17 assistant professors, 11 senior lecturers and lecturers, 14 senior assistants and assistants, 49 junior researchers (assistants and senior assistants). 19 laboratory technicians are involved in the teaching process, scientific research and professional work. External associates from other higher education institutions and organizations are occasionally engaged in teaching.

So far 4 professors from FESB have received the honorary title of Professor Emeritus from the University of Split. The Faculty is a supporting member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering Sciences of Croatia with 5 regular members, 2 associate members and one professor emeritus.

The employees at FESB are multiple winners of state, city and county awards and several of them have served as mayors, rectors, vice rectors etc.

Premises and equipment

The Faculty has approximately 29.500 m2 of space ensuring a high standard in conditions necessary for study and dealing with scientific and professional work. The Faculty building has 9 amphitheatres, 10 classrooms, 97 laboratories, 12 computer classrooms, including modern classrooms equipped for distance learning - TCR. All amphitheatres and classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors and other additional technical devices for the quality implementation of lectures and exercises.

Students are provided with personal computers connected to a local computer network. The Computer Centre is an organizational unit of the Faculty which administrates through a local network of over 500 computers and a CARnet node.

The library has a reading and study room for students and holds about 1.700 books and over 350 journal titles.

The Faculty consists of 100 offices for teaching staff, the Dean's office and the Student Registry. Moreover, the Faculty has a student restaurant, a coffee shop and a recreation centre with facilities available to students.